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Saturday, 12 February 2011

2011 High PR DoFollow Blogs List

Previous year, I posted a very usefull post about DoFollow blogs list that is the most popluar post in my blog. Now, one again, I have compiled a useful list of DoFollow blogs that will help you to generate some backlinks for your websites.

I have manually checked the blogs and summerized these 50 blogs from a list of more then 1000 blogs. So, you will not find any NoFollow tag in any of these blogs. So, if you found any blog as non DoFollow, just contact me here.

  1. Annuities

  2. Barry Wise

  3. Blogging Without A Blog

  4. Blogging with WordPress

  5. BlogU


  7. Blue Hat SEO

  8. Blueverse

  9. Brilliant! Cheers!

  10. BytesizeCSS

  11. Clement Nyirenda

  12. currybetdotnet

  13. Cyber World

  14. DoFollow Blog

  15. Dot Com Mogul

  16. E-MoneyMarketing

  17. God Discussion

  18. GravityCube

  19. How to Wake Up Early

  20. Internet Business

  21. Internet Marketing Strategy

  22. Javelin Marketing Blog


  24. Kikolani

  25. Lillie Ammann

  26. Londoner Life Dot Com

  27. Lose Weight

  28. Marketing Results

  29. Mark’s Wine Blog

  30. Masters of SEO

  31. Mike Paetzold Recommends

  32. phpcafe

  33. PixelHead

  34. Random Hacks

  35. Rebecca Walker

  36. Reminiscing Mom

  37. Retirement Income Blog

  38. Risk Free Trial Offer

  39. Science That Matters

  40. SEO by the Sea

  41. Smart Boy Designs

  42. Stephan Miller

  43. The Dear Dr.MOZ Baby Blog

  44. The Edublog Awards

  45. The Unofficial AdSense Blog

  46. The Reasoner

  47. Thesis Theme HQ

  48. Tycoon Blogger

  49. WassupBlog

  50. Wax Blog

    If you have any DoFollow blog then just contact me and I shall add you.

    Note: If you find this post helpful, please share it on your twitter, facebook, dig, etc... accounts. Thanks

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