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Friday, 26 February 2010

Popular Related Post Plugins for Wordpress

Are you a blogger, you are running your blog in wordpress platform?.
This post is very useful for you. In wordpress blog without plugins, it is very tough to run your wordpress blog. Why? Because for adding more features to your blog, you have to install plugins in your wordpress blog.

Ok Come to my point. In this post I am going to show you about some best wordpress related posts plugins. It is very useful for your blog.

Example: Visitors reading your post, after finishing reading, this plugin will show related posts of your visitor reading post. So it is very useful for reader and your blog also.

1. Related Post with Thumbnail (Wp-Thumbie)
2. Related Post by Category
3. Search Engine Related Post
4. Related Post by Tags
5. Efficient Related Post

Related Post with Thumbnail:

Display a list of Thumbnail related posts for the current post.

You can select the number of posts to be display in your content / feed.

You can choose to exclude posts from certain categories as well as exclude pages.


  • Display Related Posts with thumbnail image automatically in content / feed, no need to edit template files

  • Doesn't use any custom field to generate thumbnail images

  • You can manually add code to your template where you want the Wp-thumbie to be displayed

  • Exclude posts from categories

  • Exclude display of thumbnail related posts on Pages

  • Exclude pages in thumbnail related Posts list

  • Related posts based on content and post title

  • Set Thumbnail image sizewordpress related posts plugins

  • Turn on/off Post excerpt

  • set lenth of Post excerpt

  • Different Styling for displaying thumbnail related posts

  • Display Thumbnail related posts in RSS Feeds (Styling issue)

Search Engine Related Post:

This plugin is used to display the search engine related post. That means when someone is referred from a search engine like Google, the plugin show your blog content matched the terms they search for. It is very useful plugin.

Related Post by category:

Related Posts by Category lists similar posts within any post. As a search string the plugin does not use the title of the article nor weighs the content. In fact the category, which was assigned to the post, serves as the source of accordance.


  • Very fast execution

  • No user interface required

  • Post thumbnail integration (WP 2.9 or older)

  • Quick query in only one sql statement

  • Quantity of results and further options are adjustable

  • Foolproven implementing of this plugin

Related Post by Tags:

This plugin provides a sidebar widget containing posts with the thumbnail and post excerpt (POST + THUMBNAIL + POST_EXCERPT) which have similar set of tags as the tag set of the current post

The widget displays on single pages only.

For example, if a post has the tags "tag1", "tag2", and "tag3", and there are other posts in the system with the same tags, those posts will be displayed. If there are not posts that have all three, but some with two of the three, those will be displayed. The sort order for posts with the same number of matching tags.

Efficient Related Post:

There is a problem with related posts plugins, and Efficient Related Posts is fixing that by approaching the problem from a different direction and offering a very different solution.

Basically, current related post plugins build the list of related posts on the fly when the user needs to view it. Since blogs tend to be viewed far more often than they are updated (often hundreds of times more often), these queries are run way more times than they need to be. This not only wastes CPU cycles, but if the queries are slow (which they will be if you have 1000s of posts and tags) then the user gets a poor experience from slow page loads.

Efficient Related Posts moves all this effort into the admin section, finding related posts when a post is saved rather than when the user views it. The advantage is that if the query is slow it happens less often and the post writer is the one that waits rather than the user (which I think is WAY better).

There are limitations. For example, since the related posts are stored as post meta data, we only store a certain number of them (10 by default, but you can set it to whatever you want). This means that if you decide you need to display more than 10, you need to have the plugin re-process all posts. I generally display up to 5 related posts, but store 10 just in case I decide to display more in some areas. Also, since the related posts are calculated when a post is saved, manually adding a tag through the database will have no effect on the related posts, although I recommend not doing that anyway.

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