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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Another blogger great feature is near to be introduced

2 Months ago blogger introduced the best feature ever of that was pages. Now, blogger has introduced another good feature that will replace old and ugly themes collection and also theme editor(But this feature is in beta and you can access it on draft).

with this feature, you can customize your theme and make your blog professional. Another good thing of this feature is that you can make your theme one column, two column, three column or four column by clicking a button.

Here are are some features that are introduced in draft

  • Free Templates: There are 15 best templates for free available that looks like professional premium templates. You can select any of them for your blog.

  • Different Layouts: Make your blog easy to navigate with this feature. You can pick one column, two column, three column and four column layout for every theme included in this feature

  • Hundreds of background images and patterns from iStockphoto, I think biggest investment so far to blogger is these awesome backgrounds.

Try it Now
Go to to log in to Blogger in Draft. (If you’ve never been there before, Blogger in Draft is just like regular Blogger, except with new, in-development features like this one.) Click on your blog’s “Layout” link to go to the Layout tab. The link to the Template Designer is at the end of the row of sub-tabs.

You can use the live preview to see your new template without affecting your blog. When you find a new look that you’re happy with, just click the “Apply to Blog” button to publish it to the world. Note: You can backup your existing template ahead of time by going to Layout > Edit HTML. We recommend this if you have a customized blog design that you might want to go back to.

Classic template blogs: If you have a “Template” link or tab instead of “Layout,” you’ll first need to switch from Classic to Layouts before you can try out the Template Designer. Go to Classic > Customize Design and follow the instructions there. You’ll need to switch to one of our old templates first, but then you’ll be able to use the Template Designer to pick a new one.

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