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Friday, 19 March 2010

Meta Tags importance in Search Engine Optimization

As this is described in previous posts that meta tags can boost up traffic for your website and you can be top of differnet search engines. So, I will explain that what the meta tags are and how they work??

Meta tags are hidden HTML tags placed in the <head></head> section of a web page. These tags are used to describe various aspects of a web page like Keywords, Description, Author Info, Copyright info and much more.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization there are two Meta Tags which are really important and these are Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags.

Sample Meta Tags:

<TITLE>Meta Tags</TITLE>
<META NAME=”description” CONTENT=”This line will be displayed in search results below the title”>
<META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”keywords, meta tags, meta tags seo”>

Meta Description Tags

The content of meta description tag is displayed below the title in search results however now a days this info is ignored by most search engines as meta description tag is often misused with misleading or even false information about a page.

It doesn’t mean that we should stop using this tag as some search engines still index the contents of meta description tag for its search results. If we don’t specify meta description tag, the search engines will usually extract first few lines from the body text.

Normally search engines will index the first 140 – 160 characters of meta description tag content. I would suggest use the description thats sells the page and make sure its the summary of the page content.

Meta Keywords Tags

As the name suggest Keywords are the important words and phrases which describes the content . Actually, keywords represent your contents that what sort of data it contains but remember that irrelevant keywords can place you at millionth page in any search engine.

But, Content is the king, most of the search engines rely more on the content and if you use the keywords in meta tags its an advantage and help search engines to correlate the most relevant information to display in search results. Before selecting the keywords do some research as described in my previous post.

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