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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

SEO Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tool is the best tool for a websmaster to show his website to google as he can see in a mirror. Google will do a lot more as you think. Today I will tell you some benefits of google webmaster tools for search engine optimization purpose.

  1. All information at glance Google will list all the pages on your site that it has indexed. Now this information is available elsewhere, but with Webmaster Tools, this plus other exclusive information, is available in one place. This is handy if you run a number of sites.In my opinion, if you are in the habits of making the websites for others than this will very useful for you.

  2. Show everything about your website Google is an important index, using Webmaster Tools is a direct way to say to Google, my site exists, please add them to your index. Now you'll can be sure, if all your pages are not indexed, If one of your webpage is not indexed that means that google does not know about this then try to increase your backlinks..

  3. Sitemaps - Tell Google About All Your Pages  If you have a big websites and your navigation for your website is very poor so that all the pages are not clearly shown on the pages. e.g. you have 250 pages and all of these can't be shown in your navigation bar. Don't worry about this issue because google bot will crawl all of your pages that are not clearly shown on other pages are still hidden.

  4. Stop specific pages to be indexed. All most every website have some thank you pages, contact pages or order pages. These pages should not be indexed because search engine user will feel boring to see these because they don't know that what this is. So, in your website's sitemap you can restrict some page not to be indexed. Google will exclude these pages from its index.

  5. Website errors I personally like this feature. Google will show errors list for your website that may occur during crawling your website. Google can show HTTP errors, Sitemap errors, not followed pages, not allowed pages, timed out pages, not reachable pages. I think this is very necessary to know these errors for a webmaster to be succeeded.

  6. Backlinks  Webmaster Tools will tell you precisely how many pages out there, link to your home page, and, separately from that, they'll tell you how many pages out there link to other pages in your site. Now this is part of the data Google uses to determine the Page Rank of each of your pages.

  7. Backlink Text You know it is important for SEO reasons to have links back to you contain relevant keyword terms. Well, it's hard to influence that, but now at least you can see what people are using in their backlinks.

  8. URL Removal You can use Webmaster Tools to remove a page from Google's index that has already been indexed but that you now wish wasn't.

  9. Top Query Strings Webmaster Tools will tell you what people have been typing in to find your site over various different periods of time. It also shows you this information complete with exactly which position of Google's search results your terms appeared on. You can also look at results only, only and other location specific googles as well.

  10. Image Search You can use Webmaster Tools to say, "Hey Google, index my images too". If your site has great images you can use them to further enhance the visibility of your website. Set the enhanced image search up in Webmaster Tools and then, make sure you have full image descriptions (with relevant keywords) in the alt attribute of each image. For completeness, also add a title attribute so the user can see further information about the image if they want to. It all helps Google index you better.

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