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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Top 5 wordpress themes

Opening Information: I spent all of last night (about four hours) searching for quality WordPress themes. After this search, I wrote the below list of the sickest WordPress themes on the web. Some are and aren’t free (one isn’t). Each has a text label stating whether or not they are free.

I hope you enjoy this list.


Neatty – Download

My Rating – 4/5

Price: Free


Neatty Theme

Description of the “Neatty” theme…

Specifacations: 2 Columns, Adsense Ready, By Lorelei, Left Sidebar, WP Themes Widget Ready

A decent theme that’s free of charge. It offers flexibility to it’s bloggers, and provides a diverse look. All in all I give this theme a four out of five rating. Why not a five? The only reasons is because it can act buggy in some situations. One of the bus don’t correctly align the text around images. Other then these minor issues this is an excellent, sick theme.

Manifest – DownloadDemo

My Rating – 5/5

Manifest Theme

Manifest Theme

Description of the “Manifest” theme…

Specifacations: 1 column,500 wide pixel layout

Features: 404 page, Archives template, Links template, IE6 unsupported (feature not a bug), Some webkit visual candy (smooth rollover transitions), and more.

A simplistic theme developed towards large blogs for top peek performance. In a way this is a similar theme to my third theme on this list. Another great feature this theme utilizes is it’s one column layout (500 pixel’s wide). All in all I give this theme a five out of five. Why? For it’s simplicity and top peek performance.

Premium Fashion Wordpress Theme – Download - Demo

My Rating – 5/5

Free? Yes.

Fashion Theme

Fashion Theme

A short description on this professionally designed WordPress theme:


* Advanced Theme Control Panel
* Advertisement Management
* Analytics/Stat Management
* Built-in FeedBurner Support
* Built-in Flickr Support
* Built-in Twitter Support
* Widget Ready
* Threaded Comments
* Gravatar Ready
* Cross-Browser Compatible
* WordPress 2.8.4+ Compatible
* Dropdown Menu Navigation

In my opinion this is as great as it get’s when it comes to free themes. This fashion theme is so amazingly customizable that it’s a shock it’s free! Obviously I gave this theme a 5 out of 5. Why? Because is one of the sickest free themes out there.

DIYthemes Thesis – DemoBuy

Rating – 5/5

Price: $87 – $164 (varies depending on the license choice)

Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme

A description on the Thesis theme:

Features: SEO options, customizable 1-3 columns – menus (drop down , color, etc), adsense options. And to many other features to name! If you want a complete list go to the theme’s site at:

The Thesis theme is a higher priced themed as I stated above. Although it’s expensive, this theme was designed for top peek performance, and ultra customization. So above it’s customization and peek performance it offers a license that’s renewable meaning each time they develop a newer and better version you upgrade absolutely free!

SelectaDownload - Demo N/A

Rating – 4/5

Price: Free

Selecta Theme

Selecta Theme



This theme is the last of the five and has the smallest amount of information on it. For this I’m rating it a four out of five. When first testing this theme it was very impressive on how they concentrated on developing such an exclusive theme for “video” blogging. Another thing I noticed is the color scheme is catching to the eye. The developers showed they knew what they were doing. Although, the marketers lacked at providing quality information about the theme. Again I rated this theme a four out of five because it just didn’t have the information I was looking for.

Thanks for reading. For information on who created these blogs follow the download link on each of the themes. If you have any questions, or think I was unfair in my ratings please send me a message below the post.

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