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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Top 10 Content Writing Secrets - For Any Niche!

Many web site owners and writers on the Internet are constantly looking for the next big secret to creating outstanding content in any niche. Fortunately, there are ten secrets to content writing that every writer and web site owner should know to help them draft the best and most effective online content to drive traffic to their sites and create an opportunity to make more money through conversions and referrals. Whenever you draft a piece of content for the Internet, keep these 10 secrets in mind.

1. SEO Isn't Everything. True, it is one of the most important aspects of content creation. However, straight SEO is not enough to drive traffic to web sites. Your content needs to be well written for humans, not just robots.

2. Take Breaks. It may seem like taking frequent breaks might slow you down, any writer that has spent a significant amount of time trying to meet a deadline knows how quickly a brain can turn to mush without a fifteen minute break at least every hour.

3. Avoid Hedge Statements. You can feel free to make some broad statements from your research as long as they are true. You do not need to be specific when making a statement.

4. Always Write Actively. Avoid switching the subject and object of a sentence to boost word counts. For example: "The frog jumped over the log" is active. "The log was jumped over by the frog" is passive.

5. Keep it Short. Try to express your ideas in as few words as possible while still fully covering the topic. The average web reader will only read about 20% of your content. Keep that in mind when considering a 30,000 word epic story on the price of cheese in Mexico.

6. Keep Sentences Succinct and Punchy. Short sentences are much easier to scan than long ones. If you must combine multiple ideas into one sentence, try using dashes to break up the ideas rather than commas.

7. Watch the Adverbs. Adverbs like "very" and "extremely" are unnecessary and simply add filler to web content. Avoid them as much as possible.

8. Use a Direct Approach. Target the reader specifically and don't sugar coat anything. Make simple and powerful statements rather than using filler to ease in to an idea.

9. Create Stories That Draw Readers In. This doesn't just pertain to the overall writing. You can use real world examples to give your readers something to latch onto while they absorb your information. This story telling can be a powerful and magnetic draw for your readers.

10. Write Informally When Possible. If you are not writing specifically as a reference or as a professional, you can feel free to address the reader directly and use language to humanize your writing. Most web readers want information presented to them as if they were having a conversation. Keep this in mind when writing creative web material.

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