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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Top 10 Frustrations for Web Developers

1. The Absence of Requirements
We've all faced this issue. A customer wants to build the website based on the world's most glamorous ideas, but you can not put on paper with specifics. They mainly use generic words such as wonderful and great, but you can not define how they want to use the search drop-down menu.

2. The Changing Needs
Everyone will have different opinion in mind. But what is enough? Does the current document requirements resembles like the original style? Chasing the clouds is the most heavy brutal exercise which you can set yourself.

3. Designers and Programmers who do not even know what is happening in the coding
Many people do not know the difference between web designers and a web developers. The designers do a great job with the color adjustments and placement. They usually offer creativity and virtual spontaneity. Are they understanding what they are saying "construction or build the website" Everything can look good in a PSD, but to make it do it functional is the actual task.

4. Trying to do the work with CSS
CSS is the ultimate tool for every London web designer in styling of Websites. No one will try to put the fist in the monitor by making a wacky type of behavior.

5. Pride at Work Crushed by a Small Complaint from the Customer
Like a child playing with some new toys, it will align with you after working hard over the past 3 weeks. To say in clear, the held meeting will be criticizing when customers have spent the 60 minutes of your precious lovely creation.

6. Unrealistic Deadlines
Same as number three. the customer will be usually saying, "Build it in 2 weeks." Yes Exactly -Right". These time lines are going to be highly legitimate. They will be surely helping people focus to help in making decisions. The Unrealistic deadlines and stresses are an excessive burden for individuals. In addition, the final product usually looks horrible.

7. Bosses Over forgiving
Have you ever had a head so lax that is going to be even true for its purpose? However, Users also have the responsibility to create all the neat and awesome content for the new web site. Is he really going to be a boss?

8. The leaders of arrogance
If you are having your own boss in cube, wrenching with his hands for each part of your work, it will make your work more worse, which might lead your work in quit.

9. Competing With Visions
In general there are two main users. 1. Design Document and 2. Competing Visitors. This is going to be funny for the two people who seem to agree with some designs in paper but to be in reality what is going to be happen with the 2 incompatible views of the final destination. (mock-ups will surely help!)

10. Ultimate Wrong Tools
Never turn the wheels to change the image size or in finding the actual code in HTML? Many a time the problem will not be you, but it is actually the tool which makes it. Take your own time in finding the right tools which will help them to achieve their tasks efficiently and effectively.

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