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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

29 Websites That Let You Make Money Online Selling Links

Money making is the hottest topic in these days. Somewhile ago, Google Adsense was the best source of online earning but now they has become very strange to accept new publishers. Important question is this that there is only one way of earning money. No, you can still earn a reasonable amount of money through different websites. I have made a complete and detailed list of money making websites from those you can earn money. If I have missed out anyone just tell me in your comments.

Buy And Sell Links – Make Money Online

  1. Link Adage – Price paid for a link from your website is determined by your Google page rank. The higher your page rank, the higher you get paid. Payment are issued monthly.

  2. Back Links – Allows you to make money for every page of your website. And you have full control of the placement of the text links on your site.

  3. Ask2Link – Make money selling links that are not intrusive. Get paid steady income every month (not per click) via Paypal.

  4. Blog Rolled – Sell text link ads on your blog roll, control the links that show up on your blog and get paid every month.

  5. LinkXL – Lets you sell Dofollow and Nofollow links. It also allows you to set pricing on your links. Commissions are paid on a monthly basis.

  6. Link Monsters – Make money with your website by selling text link ads to advertisers that are looking to improve there internet marketing efforts.

  7. Tnx – Make money by selling links on every page of your website. Payouts are delivered every month in advance, via PayPal, Webmoney, Check, Wire, or any other applicable payment method.

  8. Text Link – Maintains a high quality site to give your text link ads the exposure they deserve. All you need to do is sign up for free and Text Link will find relevant advertisers for your website.

  9. Link Worth – Get up to 70%  of ad revenue recurring every month with relatively little maintenance.

  10. Text Link Ads – One of the oldest websites that lets you buy and sell links. It gives the publisher full editorial control over the advertisers that appear on their website.

  11. AdBrite – AdBrite lets you customize the look and feel of text ads to fit your site. You can earn when a user clicks on the ad(CPC), or you can earn on how many people view the page on which the ad is placed (CPM).

  12. Text Links Brokers – Makes selling links easy, safe and profitable. All their publishers are kept confidential. Links are screened to avoid banned websites and bad neighborhoods to protect their publishers.

  13. Text Links Forum – A place where link buyers and sellers meet. Lets you directly promote your website and directly negotiate with potential link buyers.

  14. Buy And Sell Links – To ensure your website not being penalized by Google, their system is configured in such a way that visitors, registered members and search engines are unable to view the URLs of the sites in their inventory. The buyer and seller only see each others URLs after payment.

  15. Live Customer – Text link ads are paid with a flat monthly rate. Use any area on your website to increase your text link ad revenue.

  16. Buy-Sell Text Links – Set your own rates. Full control over links that show up on your website. Highly customizable text ad space to go well with your blog.

  17. Sell Your Text Links – Submit unlimited advertisement link offers and make money for every page of your website. Price paid to the website for each link depends on its page rank, category and keywords.

  18. Text Link Center – Sign up for a free account to start selling text link ads on your blog. Price of links on your blog heavily depends on your Google page rank.

  19. Direct Link Ads – Display relevant text link ads on your website. Keep 75% of the ad revenue. Approve text link ads before they get displayed on your blog.

  20. Text Link Popularity – Submit your website for approval. Text Link Popularity’s marketing personnel will find relevant advertisers for your website.

  21. Text Link Ocean – Keep 75% of all revenues from link ads sold on your blog. Payments are issued every month through Paypal, Money Broker etc.

  22. Asa Links – Make money selling links on your website through text links and banner ads. Publishers keep 50% of the total ad revenue.

  23. Direct Cheap Advertising – Set your own pricing or use the auto-pricing feature available with the system. Commission for each text link ad revenue increases for websites with higher page rank.

  24. Text Link Advisor – Simply add your website to their catalog and install a simple code on your site and your good to go.

  25. Link Traders – Register for an account, get your website listed and advertisers will contact you directly. You can also directly negotiate with them about pricing, placement and advertisement duration.

  26. Digital Point – A webmaste forum that lets you sell links directly to advertisers. You can directly negotiate about pricing, placing and duration of the ad to advertisers.

  27. Link Elevator – Make 25% of every text link ad revenue generated from your website. Register for free to start accepting advertisers.

  28. Odkaz – Sell text link ads and have full control over which links are shown on your blog. You can also set your own price for each text link.

  29. Webacklinks – Register for an account, submit your website for approval and install a small code on your blog to start accepting advertisers. Google page rank is the ultimate yardstick of the price of a link on your blog.

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