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Friday, 12 August 2011

How to Hack site Using Remote File Inclusion

How to Hack site Using Remote File Inclusion

Another website attack named Remote file inclusion is basically a one of the most common vulnerability found in webapplication. This type of vulnerability allows the Hacker or attacker to add a remote file on the web server. If the attacker gets successful in performing the attack he/she will gain access to the web server and hence can execute any command on it.

Searching the Vulnerability
Remote File inclusion vulnerability is usually occurred in those sites which have a navigation similar to the below one

To find the vulnerability the hacker will most commonly use the following Google Dork

This will show all the pages which has "index.php?page=” in their URL, Now to test whether the website is vulnerable to Remote file Inclusion or not the hacker use the following command

Let’s say that the target website is

So the hacker URL will become

If after executing the command the homepage of the google shows up then the website is vulnerable to this attack if it does not come up then you should look for a new target. In my case after executing the above command in the address bar Google homepage shows up indicating that the website is vulnerable to this attack.

Now the hacker would upload the shells to gain access. The most common shells used are c99 shell or r57 shell.
I would use c99 shell.
The hacker would first upload the shells to a web hosting site such as, etc.
Now here is how a hacker would execute the shells to gain access. Let’s say that the URL of the shell is

Now here is how a hacker would execute the following command to gain access
Remember to add "?” at the end of url or else the shell will not execute. Now the hacker is inside the website and he
could do anything with it....
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