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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Download Your facebook Account in your hard drive

Download Your facebook Account in your hard drive

Backup your facebook account or download information of your fb account 2 ways

1st way.)

1st you go to your account setting and there you can see 2nd last option "Download Your Information" click on learn more...


and after click on download you will got new email from facebook soon...enjoy..

2nd Way how to download your account its easy.

backup your facebook account

you can download facebook account in your pc just follow step and learn...

Step 1: Download Archive Facebook and install this add on after finish installation restart your firefox..
the addon will be add in your main menu in this name "ArchiveFB"
Step 2: Login into your facbook account.

Step 3: Click on ArchiveFB in your main menu and select archive or press shortcut key ctrl+shift+y.

Step 4: Once the  stream has completed then archiving process will begin. You will see a window that telling  “Capture”.
It will take several minutes to an hour to archive your account depending upon the content that you have on facebook Account.

Step 5: When the archiving completed, you will see a “Facebook” option added to the ArchiveFB menu on main menu of Firefox now  Select this option to view your  Facebook account which is download in your PC.

Step6: Now you can view your all data offline also as you see in,the different is that the page you viewing is now at your PC  instead of

Note: this work only firefox browser if you have not click to download
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