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Saturday, 3 September 2011

How to add visitor map on facebook fan pages

How to add visitor map on facebook fan pages

Now you can track your facebook fan page visitors with visitor map.

click on Read more and follow instruction and add visitor map in your facebook fan page..:)

Following steps will help you to get visitor map

  1. Go to visitor map( site and customize your map
  2. Get the code from that site and save it in a notepad (we will use it later)
  3. Now, connect your facebook fan page
  4. Type “static FBML” (without quotes) in search box
5.Click ‘add to pages’ like in the following image

6. Click ‘edit page’ below your fan page photo

7.Under application, find FBML and click edit

8.Give some title. In this example, i have given ‘Visitor Map’ and paste the code you got from visitor map site
(I told you to save it in a notepad :-) Step 2)

9.  Click save changes and again click ‘Edit Page
10.Click application settings of FBML

11.Click add next to box and click remove next to tab (New settings should look like this)
12.Now in your facebook fan page, you will see a new tab “Boxes”.Click on it. You will see your visitor map

13.Do the final step as in the following image.
14.Click on the pencil icon and select “Move to Wall tab”

We are done. Now you will see your map in the right side of your facebook fan page. Click on the map and see your visitors details....
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