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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Go Launcher For Android.. Just try It.. its Really Amazing..




Package includes:

- Theme GO Launcher EX + 105 units
- GO Launcher HD (for tablets)
- GO Weather + Themes and Plugins
- GO Locker + 16 one theme
- GO Power Master Application
- All GO Widgets
- Sense Mode Extras (Docks & Wallpapers)

CHANGES v2.83:versions

- GO Launcher EX version of the updated
- GO Launcher HD (for tablets) was added
- 14 units added a new theme
- Updated version of GO Weather
- Updated version of GO Locker and added 16 new theme
- GO Power Master Application version has been updated.
- Weather Widget was added, and Search, Facebook, and email you updated versions of widgets.
- 7 units added to Wallpaper

Γû║ GO Launcher EX v2.83
Γû║ GO Launcher EX Notification: Unread messages, missed calls and the number of e-mails offer for the bottom menu bar

Γû║ GO Weather v1.9.16:An advanced weather application. Several themes are available:

Γû║ GO Weather Widget Skin HTC v1.0
Γû║ GO Weather Widget Skin MIUI v1.0
Γû║ GO Weather Widget Skin M9 v1.0

Γû║ GO Locker v1.12:An application to change the lock screen of your phone. Several themes are available:
Γû║ GO Locker v1.12
Γû║ GO Locker Fourkey Theme
Γû║ GO Locker Simple RightTheme
Γû║ GO Locker Sense Theme
Γû║ GO Locker Green Theme
Γû║ Lock FX Legacy Go Locker Theme
Γû║ Dark Theme GO Locker v1.01
Γû║ Metro UI GO Locker HD 2.4
Γû║ GO Locker Bug Theme

Γû║ GO Power Master v1.32: An application that gives you the power management of your phone.

Γû║ GO Widgets: Facebook, Twitter, messages, calendar, contacts, search bar, etc. The main screen tools:

Γû║ Weather Widget v1.1
Γû║ Search Widget v2.0b
Γû║ Email Widget v1.83b
Γû║ Switch Widget v1.5b
Γû║ Bookmark Widget v1.1
Γû║ Facebook Widget v2.2
Γû║ Twitter Widget v1.7
Γû║ Clock Widget V1.3
Γû║ Note Widget v1.9b
Γû║ GO Score v1.9.2
Γû║ Task Manager Widget v1.4
Γû║ Calendar Widget v2.93b
Γû║ Contacts Widget v1.6
Γû║ (3D) Message Widget v2.0b
Γû║ Search Widget v1.0
Γû║ Transparan Tema 1.50

Γû║ 105 Go Launcher Theme

Sense backgrounds and icons for the menu bar

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