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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Know How To Use A Good and Secure Password By Rdxarea

Hi All Rdx Here..
World is Growing more and more fast and rapidly.
Hacker and Hacking Methods Getting More advanced than your thinking.
In last Few Days Many People Hacked and some say forced me to write this post.
So I m Writing this POst For YOu People How to Make A Good and Secure password.
So Lets Start..

Making Space In Passwords:
While Creating Your Password Write Spacing Between Tham..
For Example:
If Your Password is Rdxarea
Than You can Make Spaces In It
Like Rdx area
You can also make more than one spaces in your password
Like Rdx   Area  
You can also give Spaces Before or After The Password. :)

Typing Alpha-Numerical Passwords:
You can type Alpha Numerical Pass
Like If your existing Password is Rdxarea
Than change it to Rdx1area143 Etc..
You can Make it more Effective By making spaces Between It.

By Using Different Signs:
You can Use Different Signs like ...,,,/// etc...
Like ...Rdxarea...

Some Other Passwords Creating Points Or Precautions:

  • Never use a word that can be found in a dictionary; computers can try them automatically.
  • Never use personal info like your mother's maiden name, your school, or other facts that can be found by researching you or which may be useful data for the hacker.
  • Never use a password of less than eight characters
  • ever use all letters; always include numbers or odd characters like | (which can be substituted for i) or 3 (which can be substituted for E).

I hope So this Post Help You Very Much.
Waiting For Your Comments.
Regards Rdx

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