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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website From Search Engine Keyword Searches

Most people believe that the only way to get their keywords to rank high in the search engines is to use the SEOers tricks and tactics. But these tactics are only able to fool the spiders for a short time and then algorithms change and so does your keyword ranking, and you have to start climbing back up again using new tricks/tactics that are doomed to fail again.

1. How to get your keywords to rank in search engines.

The proper way to get good ranking, is by giving the search engine spiders what they are looking for, relevance. How do you do this? Good question: Proper planning from the start is the key. In order to get high traffic keywords to rank, you will build a list of keywords with lower traffic and competition that are connected with your higher ranking keyword by sub categories i.e. traffic is your high ranking keyword and a sub category might be daily traffic.

So to give relevance to these keywords you would write one web-page on and about traffic. Your daily traffic keyword will be a link on your side bar on the web-page about traffic. In the content about daily traffic you will have a link to yet another lower keyword were you have written a web-page on this subject. In this way the lower or easierkeywords to get ranking for, due to low search volume and competition will be the doorway that starts the keyword ranking process.

2. How to build up your search engine traffic through keywords ranking.

If you set up your website in this manner, your lower keywords will rank first and traffic will find its way into your site from the bottom. The search engines notice and watch their movement on your site, if you write good content hopefully they will continue further into you site structure. As this takes placesearch engines notice and they will see the relevance in your site. And soon your higher ranking keywords will be found in the search engines , and this will cause greater traffic. Which in-turn gets more noticed and your site content becomes more relevant and finally your top keyword is ranked and your site is growing in traffic and relevancy.

3. How building on the right platform will make all the difference.

Everything will be based on your site structure: The way you categorize your keywords from your niche market. Planning this out can be quite a task but with the right tools and guidance, once learned it can be reproduced over and over again. If you desire to build a business that generates warm targeted traffic that will only grow and grow then you need to learn how to structure your website

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