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Monday, 22 February 2010

Blogger is trying to defeat Wordpress

It was early 2009, when I started blogging by just making a blog on and after the first day I started searching how to make a page on blogger blog, but all in vain. While I was searching I saw some beatuifull blogs on with pages like SEO, Link Exchange, Advertise here.

I was realized soon that that was only the links by using searc and lable functions that helps a little to make a blog like website. I also did this with my blog and keep continued to search "How to make a page in blogspot blog". Then I hear about wordpress that is 500% customizable as

Some days ago I came to know that Blogger has developed a new feature to create a page for blogger. I think it will be very good feature for blogger users and most of the free wordpress blog users will migerate to blogger again.

Now, I will explain how to make a page in

  1. Login into your account 

  2. Move to Layout –> Posting –> Edit Pages

  3. Click on ‘New Page’ button or ‘Create a page’ link to start creating your first page on blogger.

  4. Once you have finished and saved your first page, its time to show it on your blogger blog. You can show it as tabs on your blog or show links for your pages in your sidebar. You can create up to 10 pages on a single blog.

  5. Again go to Layout –> ‘Add a Gadget’ link

  6. Now Select Pages which helps you add stand alone pages that you created on your blog, ignore if you ‘Already Added’

This way you will be able to show the list of pages on the top of your blog whose URL’s will look like:

Try creating some static pages on your blog with this create a Page feature which was recently enabled by Blogger team.

I think blogger will defeat free wordpress blogging.

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