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Sunday, 21 February 2010

WordPress Plugins to Safely Change Your Permalink Structure

In my previous post on “WordPress SEO Tutorial: The Best SEO Permalink Structure,” I realize that I had left out a major point to be taken: if you’re changing your old permalink structure to a new one, your site will LOSE the links love from other sites that have linked to you. Your site will NOT get credits for all the inbound links linking to your OLD permalink blog (instead of the new one).

BUT–luckily, there’s a WordPress plugin to fix this problem. And without further ado, here it is:

Permalinks Migration Plugin for WordPress: “With this plugin, you can safely change your permalink structure without breaking the old links to your website,and even doesn’t hurt your google pagerank.”

You can find details on how to change your old permalink structure of your blog to a new one there. And, yes, the author of that plugin also recommend /%category%/postname%/ as the permalink structure for your SEO blog–just like what I had posted on WordPress SEO Tutorial: The Best SEO Permalink Structure.

Also, there is a plugin called Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin. It’s a “WordPress plugin that replies a 301 permanent redirect, if requested URI is different from entry’s (or archive’s) permalink. It is used to ensure that there is only one URL associated with each blog entry.”Yet, another one is called Angsuman’s Permanent Redirect. This plugin works “[w]hen a post or static page (in WP context) is fetched (using its permalink) for viewing the plugin checks if the post has a “redirect” custom field set. If it is set then a permanent redirect status is sent to the client/browser indicating that the post has permanently moved to the location (URL) specified in the value of “redirect”. So the viewer is automatically moved to the new location.”

*I personally recommend Permalinks Migration Plugin for WordPress if you are going to ‘permanently’ change your old permalink structure to a new one (to /%category%/postname%/ I hope :).

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