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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Thesis theme alternative--->Free SEO WordPress Theme Ad Flex Blog

I am using Thesis theme which is very expensive and a beginner can't afford this theme.

I have searched a lot about wordpress adsense ready and seo ready themes and now I have found a theme that is the best alternative of thesis wordpress theme.

Yes, the theme is Ad Flex Blog .The WordPress theme Ad Flex Blog was developed by Van Kham CHIEM at VK Labx, a creativity, tech and wellness research laboratory owned by VK Solutions..

After testing this theme, I think this is the best alternative

of thesis theme that is absolutely free and 100% customizable as thesis theme. It has a lot of options that thesis does not contain.

Anyhow, you can find all the options that this theme gives here.

Easy Straight Forward SEO AdSense

This WordPress template with AdSense is easy to use and provides you with a straight forward way to increase your AdSense CRT, and a nice looking design for your Blog. It can be used to combine AdSense and WordPress as well as other Ad banners like Amazon shop or any other affiliate products from affiliate programs.

The AdSense friendly WordPress theme Ad Flex Blog is free to use and it comes with the following techie features:

Ad Flex Niche and Ad Flex Blog are both SEO Search Engine Optimized to target the best rank possible in Google search engine. The target is of course the Google Top 10.

AdSense Ready

Ad Flex Blog is AdSense Ready. You can easily add several AdSense banners and 1 AdSense Link Unit and without any WordPress plugins. Putting AdSense on WordPress is as easy as installing the WordPress theme.

AdSense Adjacent Images

Ad Flex Blog lets you easily add 8 images (or more) adjacent to your AdSense banners to increase your AdSense CRT. The 8 images are randomly sectionned from your own set of images (10, 20, 50 images or more). It's as easy as dropping your images in a folder to have them taken into account by Ad Flex Blog.

Random Banners

Ad Flex Blog displays random banner images. Everytime the page is displayed or refreshed, a new banner image is randomly displayed takenfrom your own set of banner images.

Random Backgrounds

Ad Flex Blog displays random background images. Everytime the page is displayed or refreshed, a new background image is randomly displayed from your own set of background image.

Stat Counter

Ad Flex Blog eases the inclusion of a stat counter. You can add the code for your stat counter(s) via a user friendly administration interface and your stat counter is just integrated to Ad Flex Blog.

RSS Feeds

Ad Flex Blog lets you easily add RSS feeds. You can add the code for your RSS feeds via a user friendly administration interface and it will be displayed in a fully integrated way with the Ad Flex Blog theme. Your RSS feeds will appear just at the end of your article/post content.

Newsletter Ready

Ad Flex Blog is read to be integrated with your own Newsletter service. You just need to add the Newsletter code to have it appear instantly as the first section of the sidebar.

Exhaustive Customization Parameters

Ad Flex Niche comes with an exhaustive list of more than 200 customization parameters that can be managed via the WordPress dashboard.

You'll see the special tab Ad Flex Blog Options located accessible via your WP Admin / Presentation lets you customize the Ad Flex Blog to fit your taste, colors and needs. You can for instance set the following parameters via WP Admin::

This theme can be customized as much you want. Try it and give comments about this theme.

Download Ad Flex Blog SEO Adsense Ready Theme

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