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Thursday, 11 February 2010

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

When I started this website, I thought it would be easy to earn money online.  But after reading so many articles and ebooks on how to make money online and ebooks on search engine optimization, I realized that making money online is not an easy task.  Writing articles is nothing, if no one is reading it.  Your site is non-existent if no one visits your site.  With no visitors, no one will click the ads and no money will be generated from the site.  So, after posting around ten articles, I started to apply the different techniques of driving traffic to my site.  I learned some of these tips of driving traffic to my blog from other successful bloggers, a lot of ebooks and printed books related to getting visitors to view my site.  One of my online mentors is Marhgil Macuha of  Another website that I find very useful in my early blogging is  I owe a lot from these two guys.

I must admit that driving traffic to your blog will demand a great deal of patience, time, and effort.  But there is really no shortcut to it.  It really takes a lot of understanding, before you can get traffic to freely flow to your website.

8 Tips On How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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  1. Write interesting articles.  Write articles that are up to date, catches attention or even controversial.  A good title usually perks up the interest of readers to further read your article.  Interesting articles, with useful content, usually makes visitors return toyour site and recommend it to other readers.

  2. Make popular search engines learn about your site by submitting your site here:

  3. Exchange links with other bloggers.  Search for blogs that are related to your site.  Put the link of that site in your blog before requesting for a link with the owner of that blog.

  4. Submit your articles in the following sites:

  5. Announce your articles in Social Networking Sites to notify friends about your site and new articles posted:

  6. Register and participate to forums.  There are times that some forum members ask for sites that will be beneficial to them.  If your site meets their needs, then give them the link to your site.

  7. Visit other blogs and leave comments or share your views.  If your article is related to another blog’s post, then you may want to leave a link.  Watch out, because other sites do not allow inserting links to other sites.  You may want to ask permission first or check if the owner of the blog allows other visitors to leave comments with links.

  8. Email your friends and announce about your site and new articles posted in your blog.

Avoid spamming other blogs or you may be tagged as a spammer.  If this happens, bloggers may blacklist you in their site and tell their friends about your behavior in the web.  That would be embarrassing and will surely affect how you drive traffic to your blog.  Avoid getting in trouble with other bloggers, be friendly to them and they will be willing to help you.

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