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Sunday, 28 February 2010

NeoBux is the PTC Website-NeoBux Review

Neobux is the best website  that does PTC (Pay to click).  For those of you who are not familiar with this, ads will be shown on a daily basis depending on your member status. Each time you click on an ad they will pay you up to .02 but from my experience most are .01 and some mini ads are .05.  You accumulate this and you can receive a payment once you reach $2.  The payment will literally instantly be in your alertpay, paypal or netletter account. For Pakistani users only the option available is ALertpay(Read More about Alerpay in urdu)

Now I know most people are already thinking, $.01 it will take a LONG time to even reach $2 but now this is where Neobux becomes unique.  For most sites if you have a referral you will make money off of what they click.  The problem with most sites is that it is hard to get these referrals.  At Neobux you can rent referrals for 30 days.  Each time they click on an ad, you will also make money.  Renting of course costs money but they will make back their investment easily.  After 30 days you can choose to renew them or let them expire.

There are also different types of memberships, the standard membership which is what you start with will let you click 4 ads a day, while the golden membership will let you click 9 ads a day but costs $90 a year, and finally the ultimate membership which is 15 ads a day and costs $890 a year.  There are many benefits on top of the ads and are well worth the cost.  For starters, golden and ultimate memberships will receive twice as much money from referrals for every click.  Standard members receive .005 per referral click while golden and ultimate receive .01 per click.  Ultimate members on the other hand have a higher cap on the number of referrals you can have (4000) while standard is 300 and golden is 2000.  There are people currently making $2500 a month in profit after expenses, and many others who have been able to make extra money just clicking a few ads a day.

The membership costs may seem like it will take forever, but you are able to invest money into the program.  You can of course just do it the harder way by clicking your way through.

So, what are you waiting for. Join neobux by just clicking the link below and start to earn money.


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