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Monday, 1 March 2010

Search Engine optimization Tips

On internet you can succeeded when you have your own website. But there are few questions that remained answered by us and lead to loss in our bussiness.

  1. How can be at the top of search engines??

  2. How can I increase traffic for my website?

  3. How to increase search engine traffic?

  4. How to monetize our website?

The answer of all these questions is "Do Search Engine Optimization"

Basically there are two types of search engine optimization

  •  On-Page Optimization

  •  Off-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

On Page Optimization means the search engine optimization that is done on a single page just like a post or a page.

1. Set a theme - Make sure your title tag, meta-content, headers, and content all match up. Choose meta-tags carefully.

2. Use h1, h2 tags etc. in your headers. Search engines place more relevance on header tags h1 for main heading, h2 for sub-heading etc.

3. Your content should be unique and original. An article should contain atleast 500-1500 words. This step is the most import SEO step which alone can bring massive web traffic.

4. Use inner links. Inner links mean link to your own page. Example ‘HOME’, usually we give our site address as hyperlink. Use as many inner links as possible. Use inner links. Linking increases SEO ranking I mean Search engine ranking.

5. ‘KEYWORD’ – THE MAGIC WORD in SEO is all about keyword. e.g. You want to get higher ranking for the word "Wordpress tips" than you should should use the keywords like wordpress tips, wordpress seo, wordpress blog etc...

6. Use these keywords frequently in your article. Keyword density should be near to ‘4’. If you have total 100 words then you should use keyword in your article four times.

7. Use BOLD for KEYWORDS and link them appropriately.

8. Use keyword for FOLDER Names. Suppose you are saving drug Rehab Centre.html then place it in a folder named ‘Drug_Rehab_Center’. Folder Name under which your files lies should be named appropriately. Keyword naming for folders and files increases your chanes to get up in search engine ranking. Serios SEO leaners may laugh at these steps. But the are the fine SEO techniques.  

9. Name your Images properly with keywords. Always make use of <alt> and tags should contain your keyword. Image SEO trick will also help you to get better position. In Google search there is exclusive search for images. So naming images with keywords brings traffic to your site.

10. Create a text document called robots.txt in the site root.The text to place in it should be: User-agent: *
Disallow: /

11. Create Sitemap. Site-map will make crawling easy. Search engines will get all your links in single page. The benefit of sitemap is that if your sitemap gets crawled by search engines then your whole list of webpages will be listed in search engine.

These are the main On-Page optimization tips. These tips and tricks are seem simple but they very powerful as well. SEO takes time. It takes time to bring steady traffic to your site. How to get quick traffic, definetly SEO is not the answer. Search engine optimization are applied for long term benefits. Both On-page and Off-page optimization play 50-50 role in SEO. Now I will explain some of the off-page optimization tricks.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization means to do something outside from the page for seo purpose just like link bulding service or to increase quality backlinks.

1. Links to your Page: Get as many back link as possible as possible. Try to get links from high PR websites that will increase your PR

2. Adding Your articles to Article Directories.

3. Create a video channel on Youtube etc and add a link to your page

4. Make use of community sites like Facebook, myspace etc

5. Twitter is the hottest Tool right Now. Get as many as followers possible. 

6. Please don’t over do things. You will fall in SEO SPAM and will be penalized by search engines such like google will ban your domain and your ranking will slikley go down.

7. Post your links in Forums such like forums.digitalpoint and this sort of big forums.Actually, these forums allow to add a signature link and you can add your website link in signature. Then, if  you are regular poster of that forum, you will get a little bit traffic.

If you build a website based on these tips surely you will get at least some thousand hits per Day. There are more other methods to generate Free traffic to your site.

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