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Saturday, 13 March 2010

How to Optimise AdSense For the Best Click Through Rate

Currently you are running your website or your blog along with Google adsense. A problem, may be a bad luck, is that your ads are not high ctr that may lead to achieve low income. Below, I will explain how to optimize your Google ads to get maximum ctr to increase adsense income. Actually, these are not my own words but google will tell us how to optimize our ads.

  1. Match your google ad background with the background of your website page.

  2. Text color should also match with text color of your website page.

  3. Most important, titles of your ads should match with links color of your web page.

  4. it's better not to use a border on the ad, but if you do, then choose a color to match your site colors.

  5. The larger ads work best and there are optimum sizes you can select

This is indicating quite clearly that the general idea is to make your Google AdSense ads blend into the style and colour of your site for best results. This sort of suggests that there is a natural aversion to clicking on something that is clearly an advert. So by making the advert blend into the site so that it appears as just another familiar source of information contained within the site content you are more likely to gain a click through to the ad itself. This is after all the whole point of the exercise from the publisher's perspective.

With respect to the positioning of the advert:

  1. the ads need to be above the fold

  2. the best position to place your primary ad is just above your page content, after which

  3. the top left hand corner or under the nav bar (horizontal nav bar)

  4. then just after your content above the footer bar

  5. you can also place ads in your content, generally on the LH side works best

These are your placement options, but this does not mean that you should try and use all of them. There are rules anyway that prevent you placing too many adds.

There are different types of ads which you can use in combination and sometimes combining the different types of AdSense ads can give you maximum exposure. But you do need to think about what will turn your visitors off; sometimes less is more.

Stop and think about your visitor, why they are visiting your site and where they might focus their attention. Then try and make the ads compliment your site and add to the visitors experience, rather than get in the way and clutter up the page.

The best way in the end of finding out what works best, is to experiment with your ads in terms of colors, sizes and position to find out what really suits your visitors. Also don't be afraid to change if you find after time that the click through rate drops off again, what might be good one period can change in the next.

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