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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Making the most of good web design

Making the most of good web design

To make a good site all the ingredients of it – web software development, web design and professional copy – should be up to scratch to make a popular vehicle for online success. Let’s get some tips on web design up our sleeves today and try to see what we can do to make our website more attractive to clients and users everywhere. First of all, knowing the client you are aiming at is important. Do it for the user behind that laptop, not yourself. Make your site good-looking in all browsers, all sizes screens and make sure it’s easy to read and navigate. Do not forget that your site will be visible not only on a PC or laptop but on mobile phones and iPad.

That's why it must be compatible with these modern devices. If you aren't aware of the compatibility issues you need to refer to iPad application developers. Too much colorful and technological stuff like invitations to start live chats or web conferencing and sign in for a quick look around are unnecessary and annoying, they will make users go away without the desire to return. Welcoming pages, self-loading video, pop-ups and scrolling text are all time-waters, people don’t like them, they don’t have any time to waste these days. Make your site up to the point, concise, easy to read and search, navigate and browse.

Websites that are well-made will surely be a hit with users, those that are fancy for the sake of showing off will go down unnoticed. Use our tips and have fun with them.

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