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Monday, 17 May 2010

Download free Thesis Sharp Skin

As you know that this blog uses Thesis Theme. So, you need a free skin for thesis theme.There is a very beautiful and free thesis skin named Sharp. This is designed by that have a variety of free thesis themes.

Skin Features

  • A widgetized header area for social networking icons, banners, or anything else you want to stick in there and also a widgetized footer area. You can access both of these areas and add or remove content directly from the widget panel inside wordpress.

  • Fading page and sidebar backgrounds and several additional content area css classes to really make your images and links stand out.

  • 8 Different Color Schemes in addition to the default gray you see here on the demo page. Additional colors are aqua, blue, purple, green, red, brown, orange, and pink. Instructions on how to change the color schemes is included in the custom.css file and involves copying and pasting a couple lines of code. You can see screenshots of the different color schemes here.

Download Free Thesis Sharp Skin


Installation Instructions

Download the skin files which contain the two custom files (custom.css and custom_functions.php) and all background images. Backup your current custom files if you’ve got any customizations you want to save and then upload all files to your custom folder.

You need to make two small changes in your Thesis Options panel for the skin to display properly. In the Design Options panel, select Full-width framework and change the Outer Page Padding to 0 (zero). Save your changes using the Big Ass Save Button and refresh your site.

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