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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Making Your Blogger Blog DoFollow

As I have been going through blogs in the dofollow blog list, I see there are a large number of Blogger blogs in the list.  Blogger blogs, like self hosted Wordpress Blogs are nofollow by default.

In order to get your Blogger blog accepted into my dofollow directory, not only do you have to make your blog dofollow, you also have to setup your comments correctly.

To change a Blogger blog from nofollow, to dofollow, you must modify the template that you are using.  Every time you change the template on your blog, you will have to manually change the template to be nofollow.

Here is how to do that.

Login to your Blogger account, click on “Settings”, click on “Layout”, then “Edit HTML”.  Now we will find the rel=’nofollow’ tag and remove it.

Edit Blogger Template

Edit Blogger Template

In your browser do an Edit – Find and look for rel=’nofollow’.  It will look something like this.

Remove DoFollow from Blogger

Remove DoFollow from Blogger

Delete the “rel=’nofollow’”, and nothing else.  I would also do another Find to make sure you found all instances of rel=’nofollow’ and removed them.

Save the template.

Okay, the first step is now complete, but there is another step that is required in order for the blog to be accepted in my directory.  Right now the comments are dofollow, but the comments point to only Blogger profiles, so links are not pointed directly to a commentors website.

Now, we will setup the comments to allow commentors to point to their website.

Go to “Settings”, then “Comments”.  Under “Who Can Comment?”, select “Anyone – Includes Anonymous Users” like below.

DoFollow Blogger Comments

DoFollow Blogger Comments

Save the settings.  Now, when someone attempts to leave a comment, they will have the option to comment using a Name/URL, see below.  Any Blogger blog that does not have the Name/URL option, along with not being dofollow, will not be approved.

Blogger DoFollow Comments

Blogger DoFollow Comments

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