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Saturday, 1 May 2010 has been reviewed and permanently deleted.

I'm so disappointed and hard to accept the lost of the blog. My mood down to the bottom. I can't seem to do anything because the email from Blogger team said has been permanently deleted.

So how I got my blog back online?

I'm not so sure if it was me who brings the blog back online.

The next few days of my blog deleted, I did some searches on Google to see if anyone encountered the similar situation and managed to get his/her blog back online. Guest what I found a guy that was managed to get his blog restored after deleted! He contacted the Blogger team in IT department. Someone in replied his request and restored his blog. When I read this, I'm feeling a little hope. I went ahead to send an email to the Blogger team to ask that if it is still possible to have my blog back online. I also apologize for any spam that I might have done unintentionally.

Few days later I was able to login to my Blogger account again but the blog still hasn't restored. I clicked the 'Restore Link' in my Blogger account again to have another restore request sent automatically to This time really works. Within about 10 hours, I checked that my blog is up again. Oh man! I'm so excited when I first saw my blog is back online. I thank a million to the Blogger team.

This is how I got my blog deleted and restored.

If you have the same situation and you are sure that your Blogspot blog isn't violated any term and condition of Blogger, I would suggest you send a polite email to the Blogger team to request your blog to be restored.

Till now I not sure if my blog was really violated any rule or policy of and causes the deletion. Over a Griz's blog, How to Make Money for Beginners, Griz pointed out that the possible reason is due to AdSense optimization of the blogger which causes detected as spam and deleted. This may be the reason. Griz gave some good points about how Blospot blogs can get banned. Blogspot blogs that Made-for-AdSense (MFA) would certainly be deleted. But how to determine a blog or site is MFA, this is still in question. A blog that lacks of content with a lot of AdSense ads is obviously MFA. But for the blogs that contains loads of content and fully optimize with AdSense, will they be seen as MFA as well? Well it's hard to tell. But the best thing we can do is always making sure that our blog or site isn't against any policy should you use AdSense or to make money onlne.

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