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Saturday, 1 May 2010

You can get millions of unique visitors

My previous post made some sense that how we can become a successful blogger. Internet users are creating contents contineously and want to make blogs full. Contents are king but without any promotion you can't come on the top. So, your have to promote your website via various ways. In order to make a success in blogging the quality of content is very important. However, only content cannot help in making a blog popular. You need to know about various successful tools for blog promotion. Internet is full of a large number of blog promotion tools and websites. Here are a few tools which you can use for promoting your blog.

1. MyBlogLog

You might have heard about this service before. This service is offered by Yahoo for blog promotion. Here, you would be able to meet a large number of bloggers and you can ask them to visit and join your blog. You may leave your comments on other people blogs and they will return the favor. It is a trusted method for blog promotion. However, a person can send only 15 messages in 24 hours if he is using MyBlogLog.

2. Technorati

Numerous bloggers have already added their blogs at this website. If you add your blog at Technorati then it will help a lot in its promotion. You can meet likeminded people here. Do not doubt the reliability of this website by focusing on its name. It is a wonderful tool for blog promotion.

3. BlogShowOff

Recently, BlogShowOff has also become a very popular tool for blog promotion. It is very simple to add your blog at this website. You would not face any problem in understanding the procedure of adding a blog at this website. After adding your blog, you will find your blog at the top of the page. Until new blogs are added at this website our blog will stay at the top.

4. Zimbio

Zimbio is another great tool for promoting blogs. It is simpler than Technorati. Wikizines is the feature which makes this tool different from others. Wikizines refer to magazines that can be edited and created by anyone. Google picks up wikizines in a very short time. Therefore, bloggers love to use Zimbio for promoting their blog.

5. Facebook

Facebook can be used to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. A large number of people use facebook at present. You can update your status with information about your blog. Here, you can also meet likeminded writers, bloggers and readers. It is very easy to use facebook. You can join communities of your interest in facebook and get people interested in your blog.

6. Digg

You can add your blog at Digg. You can add your posts and if people like it, they will digg it. More diggs indicate increased popularity of your blog. It is very easy to use Digg. Numerous people use Digg for promoting their blog. Google picks up blog posts from Digg in a fast manner.


Twitter has become biggest social networking website after Facebook but to be succeeded with twitter, you should have sufficent followers. Not only you can promote your website but you can also earn money from twitter.

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