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Friday, 4 June 2010

Best Free Wordpress Adsense Ready Theme

Google shows a huge no of searches regarding best and free wordpress adsense ready themes. No doubt, there are several wordpress themes are available that are best to maximize google adsense earning such like Adsminded, Freshbrown, prsense and palmixio

But today, I am going to share with you the best and free wordpress adsense ready theme that has great features inside it. All the features are given below.

 Technogati AdsenseReady  V1.2 (New)

screenshot adsenseready1.2 300x218 WP Themes

AdsenseReady V1.2 has created with the aim of including several features which we knew most bloggers would find useful. One of these is the freedom to choose which type of ad units should be automatically displayed.

While designed to effortlessly incorporate a large amount of Adsense ads, AdsenseReady v1.2 allows you to have complete control over the amount of ads displayed and therefore is even suitable for bloggers who are not seeking to heavily monetize their blogs.

Here are some of the theme features, some of which are currently exclusive to AdsenseReady v1.2:

  • Separate and Distinct Ad Blocks. The use of distinct theme files for ad codes allows for easy editing and insertion of Adsense units. These ad blocks can also be used to insert other types of advertisements as well and are not solely limited to Adsense use.

  • Multiple Ad Display Options. Unlike other Adsense Ready themes, AdsenseReady V1.2 allows you to choose between either banner or rectangle ads for the single post page, thus allowing you more flexibility when it comes to ad blending.

  • Hassle-free convenience and ease of use. You’ll only have to insert your Adsense code in the default ad units and you’re done. It should only take a minute or two to set up AdsenseReady V1.2 perfectly.

  • Integrated Ad placement. Unlike most Adsense ready themes currently available, AdSenseReady V1.2 blends a 729 x 90 banner unit at the top  and after first post  on the blog homepage and link units near navigation area and near the comment section.Sidebar is really awesome for ads.You can place ads 300×250 near subscription box and 600×160 adsense unit under widgets on left sidebar.

  • Compatible with Wordpress 2.0+. AdsenseReady V1.2 has been tested with the latest Wordpress 2.8.4 and no problems were experienced.

  • Widget-Ready. If you’re a widget lover, you’ll be happy to know that AdsenseReady V1.2  allows you to easily install and use widgets to complement your content and advertising scheme.

  • Free Lifetime Support:Support for the lifetime is available for AdsenseReady theme.

Download Technogati AdsenseReady


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