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Monday, 11 October 2010

Extract emails from excel database

Everyone know the importance of Email marketing. Sometimes we have a forum with lot of registered members. We usually send an email to them by generating a list but most of the companies does not allow to send 200 or 300 emails at once.

In this case this is the best idea to make list by exporting user table of a VB database to MS EXCEL. here I will assume that you have exported the user table in an MS EXCEL file already. Our main concern will be at the emails column.

  1. Insert a blank column to the right of the email column

  2. In the empty cell to the right of the first email address, type = and click on the first email address, and press enter. this should cause the first email address to appear in that cell.

  3. in the empty cell to the right of the SECOND email address, type in =concatenate( and before you push enter, click on the cell immediately above it that contains the COPY of the first email address, then type ,",", and click on the second email address and press enter.

  4. click this cell, then double click the little black box that appears in the lower-right corner. this will auto-fill the formula to the bottom of the sheet.

  5. scroll down to the last line and copy!

Now you can use this email list for email marketing. If find any problem. Please ask in comments.

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