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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How Can Web Hosting Affect SEO?

All of us know very well that the real traffic of website can be gained through SEO. Moreover, Recently google started to count the speed of website for its search engine algorithm. Whenever, someone wants to play some tricks, you should keep in mind that the change webhosting company should not affect your SEO ranking otherwise your all hard work will get a zero value.
It has probably taken you some time to achieve your rankings, so you'll want to make sure that you don't have to start from the beginning simply because you have a new web host.  Luckily, you can change web hosting providers without any SEO impact by following a few simple steps:
Keep Your Domain Name

If you registered a domain name for your website, you should be able to move it to your new website by using the DNS provided by your new provider.  This is an essential part of changing web hosts -- without your domain name, you'll be forced to wait for your new site to be read and indexed by the search engines. Also remember that your domain name is your online identity -- which can be even more difficult to recreate.
Don't alter URL structures

Think about your website as a whole -- it's not just your home page that the engines index, it's every page of your website (and its corresponding URL).By keeping you URL structure the same when you move your site to a new web hosting company, you'll be able to retain your rankings and the valuable inbound links that affect the search algorithm.
Pick a reliable provider

You must do your research before choosing a reliable web hosting company. Look for online reviews of your candidates and focus on those that offer an uptime quote of 99.99%. Most of the hosting companies are resellers of other companies and in case of any problem their own account can be suspended. So, try to contact a webhosting company that owns their own servers.

Continuous Work

And at the end of story, I want to say this that a blog or a website can only be succeeded only if the owner posts frequently and updates the website continuously.

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