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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Broken Link Checker Plugin for Wordpress

Your visitor came from search engine and Got a 404 error. This is the bad thing for website owner that his users are being disappointed. Everyone knows that with the passage of time, websites grows and pages are added continuously.

So, this is very common to get some broken links because sometimes we accidently delete some pages or some of our pages are expired due to many reasons. Then we should have to do something with these broken links so that the users may not get worried.

For wordpress users there are many broken Link Checkers are available but most of them have too many disadvantages. Today, while I was searching, I come across a very powerful and hand plugin named Broken Link Checker.

Broken Link Checker plugin

This nifty plugin runs in the background anytime you’ve got your admin console open, and produces a report in the dashboard if it finds any dud links or missing images. Each row in the table also has a number of options that allow you to fix the problem without leaving the admin console, so it’s quick and easy to fix them.


As you can see, configuration is straightforward:

  • Status – this alerts you to any problems found, with a link to the management page. You can also manually restart the scanning process, although this should rarely be necessary.

  • Check every post – here you can configure how frequently your site will be checked.

  • Broken link CSS – until they are fixed, by default any broken links will be displayed as a visual cue to your visitors.

  • Exclusion list – I haven’t found a need to use this as yet.

  • Work session length – pretty self-explanatory!

  • “Delete Post” option – the plugin author doesn’t recommend you use this, and neither do I!

If you change any of these values, don’t forget to click the Update Options button.

Fixing broken links

The management screen displays a table, with each row representing a broken link or missing image. It looks like this:

Here’s a brief explanation of each of the columns:

  • Post – displays the title of the post or page which has the broken link

  • Link text – displays the link text

  • URL – displays the faulty URL, along with an Edit option for you to correct it

  • View – this allows you to view the post or page, as seen by your visitors

  • Edit Post – this takes you to the post editor so you can make changes in context

  • Discard – this removes the row from the table, although it will reappear with the next scan if the link hasn’t been fixed.

  • Unlink – this gives you the option to remove the link from the post, whilst retaining the link text.

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