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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Keywords research can make you millionare

I’ve been following Satrap’s tips and pointer on making money online for quite a while, and I figured it is about time I contribute something of genuine value to the blog (and the blogger) whose input helped me reach several significant conclusions on internet marketing.

We all know that there are many ways to make money online – different markets and niches within them, revenue models, advertising and affiliation options and the list goes on. The variety is staggering, and while I could delve a bit deeper into this I’d rather leave it to Satrap and focus on what I believe to be the common denominator to practically all online marketing methods.

No matter which method of monetization you go for, traffic generation is crucial to your success. Search engines send incredible multitudes of people in virtually every direction, and by “direction” I mean search query. It would be unwise (the understatement of the century, if you ask me) to ignore search engine traffic in your online money making endeavor, and the first step of tapping into that surge of potential conversions is keyword research.

Explore your niche and closely related niches as well. Get a comprehensive relevant keyword list compiled, and conduct an in-depth keyword research isolating the keywords that are both popular (searched for) and relatively easy to rank for in terms of existing competition. It is widely known that short tail keywords are usually very popular, but at the same time they tend to be the toughest to rank for with their high competition levels. That’s why I always recommend looking for those longer tail keywords that are both more specific (and as a result generally closer to conversion) and relatively easy to rank highly for. Low search engine rankings mean your site does not receive the exposure it needs in order to attract search engine traffic. Thinks about it – what would be better: appearing on the 15th SERP page for a highly relevant and competitive query that has an average daily pull of 10000 inputs, or ranking first on 7 different, yet relevant long tail queries, each pulling an average of 2000-3000 unique inputs? You get the idea.

It takes time and some creative thinking, but a properly conducted keyword research, incorporating the right keyword research tool, is worth the investment in the long run.

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